Tuesday, June 24 2008

Marelibri invites every independent professional site !

Dear bookseller,

When the internet started, many people thought that internet could be a new powerful system for selling books. And that was true, at the beginning. Now, after some years, we have on the web the three "A's" (Amazon, Abebooks and Alibris) and Ebay, dominating internet with huge amounts of books offered both by professionals and private people (and often crooks as well). The problem is that more and more private people are selling directly to other private people in these giant sites, often with unauthorized cut/paste of professional databases.

From now on, we should stop letting big financial groups take hold of the result of our work. Their use of the digital world and their use of non-professionals is the negation of our profession!

The following sites:


thought that it is possible to find a solution. In November 2007 they founded a non-profit association in order to create Marelibri.com, a mega search engine, made by independent professional booksellers, where all professionals of the world could be represented, big enough to compete with the three "A's" and Ebay. Our aim is to provide a sales platform for professional booksellers only, where all professionals of the world will be represented. Since January 2008 Marelibri.com is fully functional and already well performing, a simple and efficient tool for the sale of books on the international market. On June 7, 2008 London, we met and spoke about possible cooperation with IOBA, Tomfolio, PBFA and ANTIQVARIAT.net. Some of these sites will join Marelibri very soon. We have also been officially invited to the next ILAB presidents meeting, in order to discuss a possible cooperation between ILAB and Marelibri. Marelibri invites every independent professional site to join our meeting in Madrid, the evening of September 8. But each independent bookseller can do something: join at least one of the sites that are constituting Marelibri. Let's discuss the situation of our profession, let's find solutions. A blog has just put on line on Marelibri in order to give a place where all the professionals in the world can discuss and propose their ideas.