Friday, March 5 2010

IOBA (Independent Online Bookseller Association), joins Marelibri

We are proud to announce that another web site,, joined the Marelibri platform. IOBA (Independent Online Bookseller Association) is an independent association that, like other partners, only offers books coming from professional booksellers. It’s now possible to browse through more than 80 millions books on Marelibri, coming from 10 web sites.

With Ioba Marelibri confirms its place as the biggest site in the world made only by professional booksellers.

Friday, February 6 2009 on Marelibri

We are happy to announce the arrival of the American website on with, for now, 10 000 000 of books for sale...

Marelibri now allows you to search for books on :, Antiqbook,, Books at PBFA, Livre-Rare-Book, MareMagnum, Prolibri and Uniliber. More than 6 millions of bookshops and 38 millions of books!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, July 23 2008

The letter to the ILAb's presidents

Dear ILAB-LILA presidents

In Madrid, on September 8, the Association is invited during the presidents' meeting in the morning, to discuss a possible partnership of ILAB/LILA in the Marelibri project.

What is Marelibri ? is a non-profit organization, formally established in Milan Italy. It has been founded by five European sites. Two of these are cooperative associations, owned by a group of independent booksellers, the three others are small private companies, driven by owners who started themselves as professional booksellers. They are Pascal Chartier (, France), Sergio Malavasi (, Italy) and Piet Wesselman (, The Netherlands). What all five have in common is a strong wish to serve the professional bookselling community, by providing good and friendly services for acceptable rates. Each of the participating sites accepts only professional booksellers and monitors their customers' or members' sales conditions and behaviour.

Marelibri Project

The aim of the Association is to realize a mega-search engine, made by independent professional booksellers only, where all professionals of the world can be represented. The site wants to achieve dimensions big enough to compete with any site now on the Internet. Since January 2008 is fully functional and already well performing, a simple and efficient tool for the sale of books on the international market. Although at present all members are European, our policy is to grow towards an organization that unites all independent professional booksellers of the world (and ILAB/LILA is expecially important from this point of view).


The Association has two kinds of membership: full members and affiliate members, (affiliate pay less). Presently full members are the five founding members: since July 1st (United Kingdom) joined Marelibri as an affiliate member: we are now talking with (Scandinavia), Ioba and Tomfolio (US based professional associations) in order to affiliate them in the near future.

Membership is by invitation. Only websites owned by booksellers or bookseller associations, with the clear aim to support independent booksellers, will be invited. Big commercial companies (like Abebooks, Alibris or Amazon) will be excluded, mainly because they accept private vendors as well as professional booksellers. Full member and affiliate members meet at least once in a year in order to discuss how to promote the site, approve balance, etc.


Costs of Marelibri are shared among its members. The Marelibri website itself does not generate income. All orders are forwarded to the order forms of the participating websites. If in the future some form of income can be generated (e.g. advertising) this will only serve to pay for Marelibri's costs. Presently Marelibri is underfinanced and in part relies on services voluntarily delivered by the founding members. With the expansion of its membership we will also obtain a financial balance. Marelibri's main costs are for the website: two servers stationed in France; and staff for database maintenance and software. If income from membership fees should exceed these 'basic needs' Marelibri will spend some on advertising. An annual financial report will be extended to all members of Marelibri.


What differentates Marelibri's database and search facilities from so-called metasearch engines is that Marelibri gathers all book data fom its participants into one large database. A unique database offers better opportunities for presentation and speed, and does not rely on the performance of the participating sites. In the near future Marelibri will be able to avoid any repetition of the records of a book which a single bookseller is presenting on various platforms. It will only show the volume once alongside the logos of the various platforms, giving the customer a free choice of where he wants to order it from.

Marelibri's future

Marelibri's first goal is to grow to a bookselling website with a large, comprehensive offer of books. It should have enough books in all ranges, subjects and languages to provide a one-stop shop for the book buying public and the professional librarian or archivist. There is a Thesaurus - a presentation of books by subject - to enable an attractive way of accessing the database. Additional services will be provided. In cooperation with all participants content will be developed to provide better services for the professional bookseller (blog, several languages, etc.).

Tuesday, June 24 2008

Requirements for membership to Marelibri

Marelibri is a search engine, which means only professional booksellers sites may join to Marelibri, but not booksellers individually (but if they join one of the member site, they can therefore have their books on Marelibri).

Marelibri is a non-profit association and so far it is constituted by the following member sites:

You may join the association as a full member and therefore take part in all discussions and decisions of the association.

You may also join as an association's "friend" only, and then use the Marelibri search engine to exhibit the bookseller's books, but you won't have any decision's power. Even though it is of course important to have the "friends" opinion.

Please consult us for the financial conditions to membership.

In any case, full members or friend's subscriptions are only made by cooptation. We'll consider carefully any application coming from a professional site (that hasn't got profit as first aim) that has a clear aim to defend bookseller's identity and to promote the profession, excluding non-professionals and being clearly engaged in this perspective.

Marelibri invites every independent professional site !

Dear bookseller,

When the internet started, many people thought that internet could be a new powerful system for selling books. And that was true, at the beginning. Now, after some years, we have on the web the three "A's" (Amazon, Abebooks and Alibris) and Ebay, dominating internet with huge amounts of books offered both by professionals and private people (and often crooks as well). The problem is that more and more private people are selling directly to other private people in these giant sites, often with unauthorized cut/paste of professional databases.

From now on, we should stop letting big financial groups take hold of the result of our work. Their use of the digital world and their use of non-professionals is the negation of our profession!

The following sites:

thought that it is possible to find a solution. In November 2007 they founded a non-profit association in order to create, a mega search engine, made by independent professional booksellers, where all professionals of the world could be represented, big enough to compete with the three "A's" and Ebay. Our aim is to provide a sales platform for professional booksellers only, where all professionals of the world will be represented. Since January 2008 is fully functional and already well performing, a simple and efficient tool for the sale of books on the international market. On June 7, 2008 London, we met and spoke about possible cooperation with IOBA, Tomfolio, PBFA and Some of these sites will join Marelibri very soon. We have also been officially invited to the next ILAB presidents meeting, in order to discuss a possible cooperation between ILAB and Marelibri. Marelibri invites every independent professional site to join our meeting in Madrid, the evening of September 8. But each independent bookseller can do something: join at least one of the sites that are constituting Marelibri. Let's discuss the situation of our profession, let's find solutions. A blog has just put on line on Marelibri in order to give a place where all the professionals in the world can discuss and propose their ideas.