Requirements for membership to Marelibri

Marelibri is a search engine, which means only professional booksellers sites may join to Marelibri, but not booksellers individually (but if they join one of the member site, they can therefore have their books on Marelibri).

Marelibri is a non-profit association and so far it is constituted by the following member sites:

You may join the association as a full member and therefore take part in all discussions and decisions of the association.

You may also join as an association's "friend" only, and then use the Marelibri search engine to exhibit the bookseller's books, but you won't have any decision's power. Even though it is of course important to have the "friends" opinion.

Please consult us for the financial conditions to membership.

In any case, full members or friend's subscriptions are only made by cooptation. We'll consider carefully any application coming from a professional site (that hasn't got profit as first aim) that has a clear aim to defend bookseller's identity and to promote the profession, excluding non-professionals and being clearly engaged in this perspective.


1. On Wednesday, July 16 2008, 07:57 by The Bookman

I think you should contact and co-opt Mr. Cole of UKBookworld. He does not charge any commissions for booksales on his website. I pay an annual £25 subscription only to list my books. He is very reputable. He could bring a lot to your organisation. He is a skilled computer programmer, having designed and implemented his own website and book listing software. He can be contacted on:

2. On Tuesday, August 19 2008, 23:04 by J.P.Luyendijk

What are the requirements for membership?

3. On Wednesday, August 20 2008, 11:21 by Piet Wesselman

Well, it depends on what you mean by 'membership'. Marelibri is an association of bookselling websites, so the members are those sites.
An individual bookseller who wants to have his books posted on Marelibri will have to apply for membership in one (or more) of the websites participating in Marelibri.
And someone who is interested in using Marelibri to search for books can be a registered user. This is not obligatory, but there are certain advantages for registered users.

4. On Saturday, March 14 2009, 05:05 by jan

i am interested in illustrated books from the early 1900's

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